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Jacque Jones revisited

As it turns out the Marlins aren't quite sure what they are going to do with Jacque Jones .

The Marlins did not tell Jacque Jones if he would be used a lot in center field, and manager Fredi Gonzalez was non-committal Tuesday. But a Jones/ Cody Ross platoon would make sense because Jones is a career .291 hitter vs. right-handers (and .232 vs. lefties).

First off, it is not clear to me that Jones can play center in the vast lawn in JRS.  In fact, I keep hearing that he is poorly suited for the job.  But I guess, no one knows before he gives it a try.

Fredi had this to say :

Nobody knows yet how newly acquired outfielder Jacque Jones will fit in with the Marlins.

But one thing's for sure.


"As long as he's got a uniform, he's playing," Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said.

Last time I checked Brett Carroll had a uniform and I hear tale that Robert Andino does too, though I haven't seen Andino in quite sometime.  Wearing a Marlins uniform doesn't necessarily equate to playing time.  Or at least it hasn't for Carroll and Andino.

The main thing I worry about is that Jones becomes "our guy".  If you are unfamiliar with the reference, Jorge Julio was once "our guy".  Jones may turnout to be greatest acquisition ever.  And I hope he is, but if not, we don't need someone trying to patrol the Bermuda Triangle who is ill equipped to do so.

Once again, the Marlins can hit and to steal a quote from the Texas Rangers manager, Ron Washington, and I paraphrase: We knew before the season we could hit.  We have the offense to win the World Series but how high we will finish will be determined by pitching and defense.

The same is true for the Marlins.

I will say this about Carroll and Andino, they're handling the news of the acquisition well .

"We've been joking with each other," Carroll said. "We were playing paper-rock-scissors to see who's going to be here...."

If the Marlins aren't going to play them anymore than they have, I wish they would send both of them down.  Yes, it would be pay cut, but they are rotting on the bench.  The two should be playing, somewhere, at this point in their careers.

If Jones doesn't turn into "our guy" and can't do the job and ends up being bench ridden, then fine.  He will probably be a better pinch hitter than either Carroll or Andino.  Seasoned veterans tend to be better at the pinch hitting thing.