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Stadium News - Sort of

Even though it is about demolished, the Orange Bowl is will not be completely forgotten .

"The sign that is on top of the scoreboard, that says, Orange Bowl, the team is going to save," Samson said. "We're going to incorporate that into the new building. We don't know how yet, but we recognize the historical importance of that site. We're going to combine that with the history of the Marlins, and our two World Series titles. We're going to have some sort of homage to that."

As for the scoreboard itself, efforts are being made to see if it can be recycled and used by another school.

Once it is time to break ground on the baseball park, fans will actually be able to follow the construction, courtesy of streaming video.

"There are going to be cameras on the site, and people are going to be able to follow [on] the actual streaming of the stadium being built when we start construction," Samson said.

Now, if/when the Marlins get the approval from the county on the construction agreement, then we can watch it being constructed.  Still a few hurdles to go.  But it is nice that I won't have to bribe convince someone to let us use their upper floor office in downtown Miami in order to take pictures of the progress of the stadium.