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Chum Bucket

The Marlins have a much needed day off.  Maybe it will give them sometime to rest and get back into the groove after playing 13 straight games before facing the Diamondbacks.

Okay, okay, it was only 12 of 13 because of the rain out in Cincinnati but it is still the same idea.

So today we have a Chum Bucket, as with all Chum Buckets, it is completely open.  If you want to talk about college baseball or softball, that will be cool.  Or you could tell about all of the fun you had at the Miami International Agriculture and Cattle show this weekend. Or anything else for that matter, so have at it.

But if I were to make a bet, I would bet that Marlins baseball will get talked about the most.  It always seems to be that way, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It's Monday and I know it is hard, but Have a Great Day!