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Dinner on the Diamond

Did anyone go to Dinner on the Diamond ?

For one gorgeous Sunday afternoon, the Marlins were just regular guys.

After the Fish wrapped up their series against the Royals on Sunday, most of the players and coaches took to the outfield grass to spend time with a few hundred fans in a picnic setting at the 12th annual Dinner on the Diamond.

For players used to being watched from afar, it was a nice change of pace to get up close and personal with the fans that root for them every day.

"It's nice because a lot of the time you don't get to talk to the people one on one," said catcher Matt Treanor, who was the last Marlin to leave. "To come out and relax, have some food, and talk to people that watch us play is a great thing."


Upwards of 250 fans were in attendance.


t was a field of dreams for long-time Marlins fan Adam Ross. Ross, decked out in Marlins gear, is a season-ticket holder who usually sits up in the 400 section. So stepping onto the field and having a casual conversation with Luis Gonzalez was a surreal moment.



Treanor was helping out just by showing that he's a lot like the fans that root for him in the stands.


"I think when we come out [the fans] realize we're just normal guys, and there's nothing really fancy about us," Treanor said. "We're normal guys, we just happen to have an opportunity to play big league baseball."

Matt, I believe you're a normal guy, sort of.  But most of us didn't have the opportunity to play baseball in the majors.  And I'm guessing even fewer of us are married to an incredibly hot gold medal winning  Olympian.

But I could be wrong on both accounts.

It does sound like a good time however.