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Jacque Jones a Marlin?

Jacque Jones as reached an agreement with the Florida Marlins, or at least, that is what Ken Rosenthal is reporting  .


Securing additional bench help, the Marlins have reached agreement with free-agent outfielder Jacque Jones, according to major-league sources.

Jones, 33, initially will report to extended spring training in Florida to get back into playing shape, then return to the majors as a fourth outfielder and left-handed pinch-hitter.



Once Jones is ready to join the Marlins, he likely will take the roster spot of outfielder Brett Carroll, adding to a bench that generally includes infielder Wes Helms and outfielder Cody Ross from the right side.

Jones, like Ross, plays all three outfield positions. Josh Willingham, the Marlins' regular left fielder, has been on the disabled list since April 27 with a lower-back injury. He is not expected to return soon, and Luis Gonzalez will continue serving as his replacement in left.


So he is going to take over Carroll's spot rotting on the bench.  Actually this isn't a bad deal, if true, Carroll needs to be playing somewhere.

The Miami Herald backs up Rosenthal's story, somewhat .

Jacque Jones reportedly will be playing center field soon for the Marlins. According to a major-league source, the Marlins are about to sign Jones, who was released by the Detroit Tigers earlier this season. The Marlins are expected to make an announcement in the next 48 hours.

The Marlins have been using the platoon of Cody Ross and Alfredo Amezaga in center field, but the addition of Jones means Amezaga will go back to his role as the team's utility infielder, and Ross will be the fourth outfielder.

From what I hear, Jones' days as a center fielder have long past him by.  But really who knows.  The problem with Alfredo playing so often in center is that he wears down as the season goes along.  Amezaga is an all-out effort guy, which leads to spectacular catches in center and sometimes very impressive bunt hits at the plate.  But Alfredo isn't an outfielder by trade, though, as everything in the field, he does it well.  But it has a cost at the plate.

Do I think Jones is the answer?  No.  But maybe he is.  For the time being, I like Cody in center, another all-out guy, and I want to see what Carroll can do.  The Carroll thing ain't going to happen which the club as shown over and over.

Giving Jones a chance doesn't bother me, but it will bother me if the management becomes married to the idea and he is sent out day after day when he has proven he can't play center in JRS.  But hopefully, that won't be the case.