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Jacque Jones cleared waivers

Jacque Jones is now a free agent and is available .

Former Tigers outfielder Jacque Jones cleared waivers Thursday morning and could be a Marlin as soon as today, according an industry source who has spoken with club officials.

Damon Lapa, Jones' agent, would not confirm the Marlins' interest or name any other teams that had initiated discussions. He did say his client hoped to narrow the field to a couple of finalists in the next day or two.


In this case money isn't a factor. With the Tigers on the hook for the remainder of his $5.5 million 2008 salary, whichever team signs Jones would pay him the prorated major league minimum, roughly $268,000.

I'm still not sure what Jones will add, he is not hitting and isn't suited to play center at JRS.  Also, the 40-man roster is full and I think we are running out of guys to place on the 60-man DL.

The only upside I see, is that if he joins the team either Andino or Carroll will be sent down and he can take their spot rotting on the bench.  He is veteran so he would probably be better at that pinch-hitting thing.