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How to grow a Marlins fan in Cincinnati

The Marlins players know what they are doing when it comes to making fans in out of market areas .

I got a phone call late Tuesday that one of the Florida Marlins players was needing one of the items I sell for work. (Super Stoked). I was to call the team trainer in the morning and he would be able to get Carson and I in the locker room, dugout, and onto the field during batting practice. A once in a lifetime chance. I got to meet a bunch of their stars including Hanley Ramirez (about to sign a 6 year $70 MILLION extension), Luis Gonzalez, and Josh Willingham.


A few of the guys messed with Carson. He ened up with 8 or 9 balls. Pretty cool. We got seats right behind the 3rd base dugout and several of the players remembered Carson being on the field and threw him balls as they went into the dugout. What a blast.

You betcha.  The home team supplies the baseballs for the game and the visiting team thinks nothing about tossing them into the stands.  It used to be more pronounced in the past than it is today, when the home team would be judicious with game balls since they collected them for practice.  The visiting team couldn't care less.

Commenter Kristin asked the question that I am curious about:

So, what do you sell for work? I'm curious. :)

Click on the link to see the pictures of Hanley and Gonzo.  Also there are a couple of the young Mr. Carson.

Speaking of Marlins who are skilled at tossing balls into the stands, look no further than Cody.

I thought I saved the link to story, but I can't find it now.  Basically what happen was: when Cody was in the minors he caught the final out of a no-hitter thrown by the pitcher and was so excited he threw the ball into the stands.  Needless to say, the pitcher was none too thrilled.