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Andrew Miller's success is a changeup

Andrew Miller's changeup is the reason for his recent success ?

A key to left-hander Andrew Miller's success has been an improved changeup. Among his 103 pitches in seven scoreless innings Saturday were a career-high 20 changeups.

Pitching coach Mark Wiley was encouraged because "even the ones he didn't throw well for strikes were pretty good. It seemed like his arm speed got better and better on it."


"The more comfortable he gets with it, the more he'll be able to throw it for strikes,'' Wiley said. "It helps all your other pitches. You relax on your fastball and you feel like you've got them off balance.''

That sounds great and all, and don't get me wrong, I am very happy with his recent progress.  But, if I remember correctly, and I think I do, his problem in the past wasn't that he couldn't get his changeup over the plate.  It was he couldn't get anything over the plate.  There is no doubt that Wiley knows more about pitching than I ever will.  But I must admit, this is the first I have heard that if a pitcher can master his changeup. all of the other pitches fall into place.

Has anyone heard this about a changeup before?