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Cody Ross is for now the leadoff hitter

The Marlins are going to try Cody Ross in leadoff spot to see if he is hot.

It was Cody Ross' turn to take a stab in the leadoff spot Wednesday. If Ross gets hot, manager Fredi Gonzalez said, he would remain atop the order.

Alfredo Amezaga has struggled in the role since Hanley Ramirez dropped to third. Despite going 2 for 5 Tuesday, reaching base on a broken-bat infield hit and a bunt single, Amezaga has a .189 on-base percentage out of the top spot.

Right-handed pitcher or left-handed pitcher Cody Ross is, allegedly, going to get a shot as a position starter.  Which ought to make the folks at very ecstatic.

While I've never considered Cody a leadoff hitter, and think few have, he did have a .411 OBP last season and that ain't too shabby.

With some consistent playing time, Cody could get hot.  And when Cody gets hot, he can almost carry the team, offensively, by himself.  Hey, I said: almost.

I'm for giving it a shot and seeing how it works.  Though, to be real honest, scoring runs is not the biggest problem facing the Marlins.  I guess the downside in the experiment is that Carroll and Andino will miss their bench buddy.