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Florida Marlins offense on a pace to break more records

The Florida Marlins are on a pace, once again, to break some team season records .

...the Marlins have scored at a pace that would rewrite the team record books. The squad is rolling along at a clip to score 793 runs and connect on 237 homers.

The franchise high in both categories was set in 2007: 790 runs and 201 home runs.

The previous highs were set in 2006: 758 runs and 182 home runs.

But there is more: the Marlins are also on a pace to break the team records for TB, SLG and RBI which they broke in 2006 and again in 2007.

On a different note: the Fish are on a pace to be HBP only 49 times in 2008 after setting the team record of 82 last season breaking the previous record of 74 in 2006.  Good to know the guys have learned to duck.

<biting my tongue until it bleeds>

Man, it is hard to not say something.  But if I go on a rant I will never get posted what all I want to post today.