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Mike Jacobs is still ailing

Mike Jacobs is still day-to-day, though we won't see him playing first in the present series .

The chance of Mike Jacobs getting a start the rest of the Marlins' series at Cincinnati seems remote.


On Tuesday, Gonzalez wasn't so optimistic about the next day or two.

"I don't feel comfortable yet starting him," Gonzalez said.

If Jake does get into the game as a pinch-hitter and reaches base, he will be replaced for a pinch-runner.

Gonzalez says he uses the starter from the previous night because if something should happen to them while running the bases, they would have four days to rest up.

Gonzalez added, if the need for a pinch-runner for Jacobs took place in, say, the ninth inning of a tight game, a position player would be used instead of a starting pitcher.

Hendrickson, bring your running shoes to the park today, you're up.

I can hear Andy Fox's instructions now:  "don't do anything stupid, like getting hurt".

In the meantime, Carroll and Andino waste away on the bench.  Exactly, why are they up with the club?  They never play.