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Florida Marlins interleague schedule

This something I didn't know about the Marlins schedule .

Why do the Marlins have only two -- not three -- interleague home series for the first time in 11 years (Kansas City this weekend and Tampa Bay) but three on the road (Seattle, Oakland, Tampa)? Schedule guru Katy Feeney said because the National League has 16 teams and the American League 14, some NL teams get two home series 'and it's the Marlins' turn.'' (Instead, NL West leader Arizona visits here twice.) The Royals visit because they're the only AL team that hasn't played here ``and it's a priority to get teams where they haven't been.''

Fabulous, instead of playing a home series against some other AL team, something the Marlins excel at.  We get to host the Arizona twice, which presently has the best record in baseball.  And it will probably work out where the Fish will face Webb, Haren and Owens in both of the series.

The good news is: the D-Backs haven't had much success in JRS, or at least they didn't last year with the Marlins winning 2 of 3.