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Scott Olsen still recovering

Not surprising, Scott Olsen hasn't seen his arm recover from his last start.

Scott Olsen was as mystified on Monday as he was the day before on his below-average fastball readings. Olsen topped out at 87 mph in his start Sunday at Washington.

''I don't think I've thrown that slow since I was like 13 years old,'' Olsen said.

Olsen said he is hoping the issue is nothing more than ''dead arm,'' the result of having thrown a career-high 121 pitches in his previous outing on May 6. He said his arm doesn't bother him.

But, he said: ``I still can't throw hard. That [stinks].''

Man, if he could throw 87 mph at the age of 13, I'm glad we weren't in Pony League together.

At this point, it is nothing to be alarmed about.  It will just take rest.  Unfortunately the Marlins don't have a day off until this coming Monday but I have no doubt that Wiley has seen this before and will take whatever measures are necessary to get him ready to go by Thursday.

But I will say it one more time, this early in the season the Marlins need to start limiting Olsen's innings when possible.  There is no reason, anymore, for him pitch into the eighth.  Maybe in August, but not in May.  He ain't Roy Halladay, yet.