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Jeremy Hermida's present for Mother's Day

When Jeremy Hermida tied the game in the eighth inning, he did it for Mom .

Mom's Day: Right fielder Jeremy Hermida had an honored guest in the crowd Sunday - his mother, Celeste.

"First Mother's Day I've seen her since I got drafted in '02,'' he said.

Using a pink bat, he hit a two-run home run that tied the game in the eighth inning, his first homer since April 11.

"I got one on Father's Day last year for my dad and now Mother's Day this year for my mom. I'm going to have to keep that streak going,'' he said.

Fantastic.  Now if we can just get someone to institute a brother's day, a sister's day, a next door neighbor's day, a guy at the connivence store day, a mail carrier's day, a wait staff day, a clubhouse attendant day......

And get them all in the stands on the proper day, Jeremy will destroy Bonds record for home runs in a single season.

All of the snark aside, it is nice he hit a home run for Mom.  Not to mention, it tied the game!