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It's Mother's Day and time to go Pink



It's the time of year to honor Mom and go to bat against breast cancer .

A pink bat advisory has just been issued for Major League Baseball.

Here they come again.

What began two years ago as a bold statement has grown into a full-scale baseball tradition, driving massive proceeds to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation to fight breast cancer. It is now officially and dramatically how Major League Baseball celebrates each Mother's Day, as hundreds of players again will be swinging pink bats this Sunday and giving everyone, including fans, the opportunity to get involved.

Those signed bats will gradually show up in coming weeks at the Auction, with all proceeds again going to Komen.


During games played on Mother's Day, players will wear pink wristbands and pink titanium necklaces made by Major League Baseball licensee Phiten. Pink ribbons will be displayed on player uniforms, as well as those of all on-field personnel. The breast cancer awareness theme will be carried throughout the game, including pink ribbon logos on the bases and commemorative home plates, and pink dugout lineup cards.

But some of the Marlins won't just limit their involvement to those above.

On Friday, a few Florida Marlins received pink-lined cleats and batting gloves. Hanley Ramirez, Cody Ross and Luis Gonzalez -- all of whom wear Easton Sports gear -- plan on wearing the shoes and gloves in honor of Mother's Day on Sunday.

A tradition on Mother's Day is players using pink bats.

The black cleats with pink trim have the word "Mom" written in small print on them. They also sport tiny pink ribbons, to bring recognition for breast cancer awareness.

The players who received the gloves and cleats also were sent a form and a black marker. After they wear them on Sunday, the players have been asked to sign their autograph on a designated spot on the shoe. The cleats will be returned, and be put up for charity.

Maybe Danny said it best :

'Everybody loves their mom,'' said Dan Uggla, who will use a pink bat Sunday. ``It's a cool thing to do. Obviously, we're out there raising awareness, but it's fun, too. The guys get a kick out of it.''

This is without a doubt my favorite promotion of the year and it goes to such a good cause.  If you like to learn more, just go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website.

And, oh, call your mom.