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Jeremy Hermida reinstated off the DL

After the Marlins get through site seeing today and are ready to play a game on Wednesday, Jeremy Hermida will officially be back on the club.

After Florida held off Washington, 10-7, on Monday at Nationals Park, the team announced that Hermida would be reinstated off the disabled list in time for Wednesday's game. The team is off on Tuesday.

To make room for Hermida, who has been on a rehab assignment with Class A Jupiter, outfielder Brett Carroll has been optioned to Triple-A Albuquerque, effective on Tuesday.

I must admit I haven't missed Hermida all that much in his absence.  Gonzo was hitting well and Carroll was dazzling out in the field.  The team was scoring runs and even with poor starting pitching it worked its way to the top of the NL East.

However, right field is Hermida's and his return will bring more power to the lineup and given the way the pitching is going: the more runs the better.

Still I hate to see Carroll go but everyone knew from the beginning it was a short time assignment and he needs to be playing everyday and not rotting away on the bench.

Welcome back Jeremy!