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Alfredo Amezaga's catch in center

Actually Alfredo Amezaga made two excellent catches in center yesterday.  But today we are highlighting only the last one.

Center fielder Alfredo Amezaga made two wall-crashing catches on Sunday, the highlights of an otherwise dreary day for the Marlins.

The first came on a ball to dead center, when Amezaga crashed into the wall hard enough to open the door behind the padding.

That paled in comparison to the one that came in the seventh, when Pittsburgh had the bases loaded and two outs.

Pirates pinch hitter Freddy Sanchez drove into the triangle in left-center, the deepest part of the park.

Amezaga was able to catch up with the ball just as it, Amezaga and his glove all met the wall, and Amezaga was able to hang on for the third out.

"I am going to try and eat the wall. As soon as it is hit, I try and not look at it but find the spot where it is going," Amezaga said about his strategy. "I worry about the ball, not the wall."

 I don't know how he does it, no reps in the outfield during spring training, but still he pulls off amazing defensive plays.  And Alfredo is the best defensive infielder, especially at short, the Marlins have.  He definitely deserves the tag the  "Amazing Amezaga."

If you would like to see the catch, just click on the following link.

Alfredo Amezaga's catch.