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Wes Helms is a Marlin again

I guess, thinking there was going to be some demand for Wes Helms' services once he became a free agent, the Marlins swooped in and made a deal with the Phillies.

After the game, the Marlins announced they acquired Wes Helmsand cash from the Phillies for cash considerations or a player to be named.


The Marlins will use him much like they did in 2006, as a back-up first and third baseman and pinch hitter. To accommodate him on the roster, the Marlins designated Jason Wood for assignment.

I initially wondered why it was Woody that was moved instead of, say, Andino.  Yes, yes, I know that Andino is a more versatile infielder but he is still young and having him wasting away riding the pine when he could be getting playing time in the minors would make him the more likely candidate.  And then I looked at the 40-man roster and there was no room at the inn, if I counted right, and a spot needed to be made.  So it was Woody.

I don't know what Woody will choose to do: go to the minors or become a free agent.  He was already outrighted once in his career so he has the choice. (I'm assuming he will clear waivers).

Anyway, welcome aboard Wes!