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Change in the Television Schedule

In case you didn't hear last night, there has been a change in the broadcast schedule for the televised games .

Thursday's noon game with the Dodgers, originally scheduled for Sun Sports, will not be televised. Instead, Saturday's game with San Diego has been added on Sun Sports at 7 p.m.

Probably for the best.  The game wouldn't get very good television ratings being during the day and all, also no one will be at the game.  If we know anything at all about the Marlins home attendance it is that no one shows up for weekday home games.  And why some fool keeps scheduling them is a mystery to me.

Oh, that the doesn't mean the official attendance won't be 11,000 or something, even though only 127 people are in the stands.  Come to think about it, I will miss seeing the expressions on the faces of everyone at the park when they announce the attendance.  It always borders on WT...