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Mike Rabelo spiking the ball

Hopefully you saw the great relay from Jeremy Hermida to Danny Uggla to Mike Rabelo that cut down Blake DeWitt and ended up with a collision at the plate.  After the play Mike spiked the ball.  Well, he won't be doing that again .

But strong relays by Jeremy Hermida and Uggla got the ball to Mike Rabelo as DeWitt plowed into the catcher. After holding on for the out, Rabelo spiked the ball in front of home plate.

The fire Rabelo showed impressed the team, but it resulted in a mild lecture from Gonzalez.

"I like guys showing emotions, and things like that, but that's not the way we want to be portrayed as an organization or as a team," Gonzalez said, referring to seemingly showing up the opposition. "I spoke to him afterwards. He will be fine. But it was good to show a little emotion."

Afterwards, Rabelo made it clear that he didn't mean to have his emotions come across as rubbing it in on the Dodgers.

"In no way was I intending to disrespect the other team," Rabelo said. "I was just excited. They made a great relay. I was excited."

The message Gonzalez told his catcher: "Great play, but save the end zone dances for someplace else."

Personally, I enjoyed the show of emotion being a Marlins fan and all, but I can definitely understand where Fredi is coming from.  It probably wasn't the most professional thing to do, but then again, the Dodgers won the game so it is not like they are going to remember it anyway. 

And it did make for good theatre last night.