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Chum Bucket

The Marlins are off today while they are waiting for the Pirates to hit town.  And the off day couldn't come at a better time since the bullpen needs the rest.  Especially since they are having to carry most of the innings load early on.  But on Friday, that could change, at least for a day.

But that is tomorrow, this is today and so we once again have another Chum Bucket.  So fill it full of whatever you would like to talk about.  Baseball, especially Marlins baseball, is always well received.  I guess you could talk about the NIT, I know we have at least one Ohio St. fan in the audience.  But naturally you are not limited to sports.  If you want to give a synopsis of your thesis on 16th century Romania - go for it.  But I'm not promising anyone will comment other than me.  And my comment will be: Uh, wow.

Have a Great Day!