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Marlins P.A. announcer suffered a heart attack

I meant to mention this yesterday.  If you were in attendance for the last two games and heard a new voice announcing the players, there is a reason.

Dick Sanford, the Marlins' public-address announcer, said he hopes to return to his Dolphin Stadium microphone Friday.

Sanford suffered a mild heart attack early Tuesday after returning from the season opener, a 7-2 loss to the Mets.

"I think it was too much Johan Santana," Sanford, 58, joked from his room at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis.

Sanford said he woke up with a dull pain in his chest.

He went on the Internet to research his symptoms, and then drove himself to Wellington Regional Medical Center, where an EKG confirmed a mild heart attack. Doctors implanted a stent.

"I feel fine, like nothing happened,'' Sanford said.

Naturally, we wish Dick all the best and a speedy recovery.