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Fredi Gonzalez is the Dean

Fredi Gonzalez is now the Dean of South Florida professional coaches with the retirement of the Heat's Pat Riley .

Meantime, the cycle is complete on the newness of coaches in our Big Four pro sports. Spoelstra takes over the Heat, Tony Sparano begins his first year with the Dolphins and the Panthers are coach-shopping, leaving Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez -- with one year plus a month's experience -- as the sage veteran among our pro coaches.

Woo Hoo!  Way to go Fredi, you grizzled old veteran you.  There is probably a lot to say about the state of professional sports in South Florida, but all I have to say is this, as it stands right now, the Marlins are the most stable franchise in South Florida when judged by the longevity of the head coach.

And you never thought it would happen -- honestly, neither did I.

Not to mention, the Fish are in first.