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The Florida Marlins rotation

As it stands right now, the Marlins are planning on breaking up the one-two of Scott Olsen and Mark Hendrickson .

If Olsen doesn't experience soreness in the next few days, rookie right-hander Burke Badenhop will make his next start Thursday, which will give him six days of rest.

Left-hander Andrew Miller will start Tuesday, followed by Olsen on Wednesday. Gonzalez said he wants to avoid starting Miller and Badenhop back-to-back to give the bullpen a break. Both have struggled this season, while Olsen has pitched extremely well.

The word around the campfire is that Oslen feels fine.  So that means that Ollie will be going on his normal pitching schedule.  Badenhop and Hendrickson will get an extra day of rest.

Breaking up the two lefties may help the bullpen but then again, it may have little effect.  When Olsen and Hendrickson pitch it is not like the bullpen gets the night off.  It is just that they don't have to pitch as many innings in the game.  And as Nolasco continues to return to form he should eventually, consistently, pitch deeper in his starts.

So it breaks down: Miller (bullpen workout), Olsen (bullpen a couple of innings), Badenhop (bullpen workout), Hendrickson (bullpen a few innings), Nolasco (who knows, initially more stress on the bullpen but probably will ease over time.)

I guess the big change is that the middle relievers will no longer be working 2 days off and 3 days on.  Instead they will be working 1 day on, 1 day off,  1 day on, 1 day off, 1 day on.  The work will be more consistent, which may be good, but it will really interfere with their sunflower seed spitting contest.