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Stadium News - Sort of

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A construction company, who has maintained an office in South Florida for over a century, doesn't want to play ball with the Marlins .

The Florida Marlins' second proposal for a construction manager to build the team's new ballpark in Miami is on the street, but one of sports' three biggest contractors won't be rebidding for the job.

Turner Construction, a firm whose eight new or renovated MLB stadiums on its résumé include the new Yankee Stadium, has made a decision not to pursue the project, budgeted at $515 million.

Dale Koger, VP and GM of Turner's sports group, would not specify why his company declined to submit another bid.

"We've been there once," he said. "That's enough."

I'm not exactly sure what "We've been there once, That's enough" means especially since the Marlins have never contracted to build a stadium before.  I could guess -- but it be just that, a guess.
You can read more about their decision if you click on the link and pay -- something I was unwilling to do.
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