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Scott Oslen's ailment

There was a moment in last night's game that my baseball heart almost stopped .

There was a brief ailment scare in the eighth, when after Rickie Weeks walked on four pitches, trainer Sean Cunningham and pitching coach Mark Wiley tended to Olsen, who waved them off. He remained in to retire Gabe Kapler on a foul out to first after falling behind 3-0.

"I'm good," Olsen said. "I was a little stiff, but I'm fine."

Olsen noted that the mound "was terrible." It was muddy, and at one point in the ninth inning, Brewers reliever Eric Gagne asked for a pick to clean out his cleats.

"It was real muddy, and [the mound] is a little flatter than usual, and it was a little wet out there," Olsen said.

Waved them off my butt, sure he tried to do that, but the meeting on the mound took place anyway with Wiley, Cunningham and the whole infield.

Fredi had this to say after the game :

"We thought he had something wrong with him, but he was fine," manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "He might have been a little spent at the end."

Maybe the crappy conditions on the mound was a contributor to the problem that scared some of us half to death.  And believe me, for most of you, who didn't get the see the game, you didn't have to face the full brunt of the scare.

Losing Ollie to injury is not an option if the Fish are planning on making any sort of a run at the playoffs.

Hopefully he is fine, because in the words of the character, Marcee Tidwell, in the movie Jerry Maguire: This doesn't work without him.