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Andrew Miller has a constant visitor

If you have watched any of Andrew Miller's starts you know that he is becoming a close personal friend of Mark Wiley.  Or at least one would think so as much time as they spend talking during one of his outings .

Gonzalez also joked that the Marlins may get a memo from Commissioner Bud Selig regarding the frequent mound visits from pitching coach Mark Wiley.

"I'm seeing him a lot this year, and it's usually not a good thing," Miller said of his regular consultations with Wiley. "Sometimes he comes out and says, 'How do we want to attack the hitter?' Other times he comes out to give you a breather and other times it may be, 'I see you're doing this,' or, 'You're not doing this.' But more often, it's how we are going to attack the next guy."

Nothing like a pop quiz during the middle of the game to see if you were paying attention during the pitchers meeting earlier in the day.

Miller finally got his first win in last night's game but it was far from a masterpiece.  Andrew allowed 11 base runners in 5 innings with the Braves posting a .391 BAA.  The good news is that he was able to work out of the jams, but the bad news is that he kept putting himself in those jams.

Living on the edge is a dangerous place to be and I couldn't tell whether he was starting to come around, albeit slightly, or if he was just lucky.  Time will tell.

But he did get his first win as a Marlin, so we should be happy about that.