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Mark Hendrickson wins coveted batting award

Okay, not really.  But after matching his career highs for doubles and RBI in a single season in Monday's game, he was awarded the Silver Slugger -- sort of.

After his two hits Monday, Marlins pitcher Mark Hendrickson discovered a strange bat in his locker. It was wrapped in aluminum foil and contained a note on it with the words ``Silver Slugger Award.''

It didn't require a lot of thinking for Hendrickson to identify the prankster.

''He looked right over at me when he found it in his locker,'' said Luis Gonzalez, one of Hendrickson's teammates last season on the Los Angeles Dodgers. ``He knew exactly where it came from.''

At this point, I will admit I was wrong about the addition of Gonzo to the Marlins roster.  If for nothing else, the clubhouse pranks have gotten better.