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Dan Uggla's slump breaking method

What it really comes down to is Danny stealing borrowing Robert Andino's bat.

Dan Uggla was prepared to try anything to break out of his hitting slump, including using reserve infielder Robert Andino's bat.

Now, Andino can't get his bat back.

Uggla grabbed Andino's 331/2-inch, 31-ounce, black-handled, brown-barreled Marucci one day last week during batting practice. Then, after Uggla watched his average drop to .167, he used the bat during Saturday's game.

Uggla went 2-for-4 and had two more hits Sunday. He was 4-for-7 and had reached base seven times with Andino's bat entering Monday. Uggla doubled his first at-bat Monday.

"I like the bat, it felt good,'' he said. "It feels a little smaller.''

Uggla's Louisville Slugger is the same weight but 34 inches.

Now, Andino is out of bats and has ordered a new batch.

Until then ... "I'll use Dan's bats or somebody's, it doesn't matter,'' Andino said. "He can use them all. I told him he doesn't have to ask me. He can just use it.''

Shorter Andino: I just happy be with the team and hope I can help the ballclub.

I hope Robert  doubled his order because something gives me the idea that Danny isn't going back to old style of bat anytime soon.

This is, of course, good news for those of you who are bat collectors since Danny should have a lot bats left over at the end of the season to autograph and sell on the MLB Auctions.  Unfortunately, they may not be the type of bat he used during the regular season.