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Jorge Cantu has some legal problems

And for this story we will turn to Photi at Fish Chunks.  I haven't read anything about Cantu's possible legal problems other than what Photi has written but I'm sure there is more out there in the blogosphere.

Jorge Cantu's legal issues

In other news, Photi was very busy over the weekend and got his "Crack Stat Dept." to checkout whether crowds have an effect on the Marlins home record.

Do Fans Matter?

If I were asked this question, I would've said that the Marlins played worse in front of a large crowd of Marlins fans.  It seems to throw them off their game.

The one exception would be Camp Day.  If you are not familiar with Camp Day, you soon will be.  It is the day when a bunch of kids who have been to summer camp attend a Marlins game.  It is the loudest day game of the year, there is a constant buzz in the stadium as they cheer for everything the Marlins do right while showing displeasure when the opponents have the advantage.  The Marlins normally do very well on Camp Day.

But apparently, according to Photi's "Crack Stat Dept.", my impressions are not correct.