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Matt Treanor's caught stealing ratio

This has already been discussed in the comments by two FishStripers and therefore is old news, but it just made the press today.  Yes, it is true, FishStripers are way ahead of the curve.

Anyway, the story has to do with Treanor's ability to throw runners out.

Catcher Matt Treanor threw out two would-be base-stealers Monday. 

That puts him more than a quarter of the way toward matching last year's total (seven).

Opponents were caught stealing just 14.3 percent of the time with Treanor behind the plate in 2007. That figure should improve based on the emphasis pitching coach Mark Wiley placed on holding runners this spring.

The pitchers have a lot to do with the success of a catcher throwing runners out should they steal.  In 2006 when Treanor mainly caught Dontrelle Willis and Scott Olsen his success rate was .471.  And that is very good in anyone's book.

In 2007 when it dropped to .143 he was mainly the personal catcher of BH Kim, the easiest man to run on in the majors.  Kim didn't bother to hold anyone on and had a very slow delivery to the plate which also included the catcher having to lunge in order to catch the pitch.  Not exactly a good formula for keeping runners in place.

This year, in two games, Treanor is .500 with Wiley's idea that maybe just maybe, the pitchers ought to keep the runners close.  Whatever the steal rate ends up when the season is over will have to do with the pitchers, cause we know Treanor can throw them out with regularity, when given the chance.