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Dan Uggla manager?

Dan Uggla made his managerial debut yesterday -- sort of.

From second base to assistant manager? Well, not officially.


"He's going to manage today," Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "He's going to have fun today."

In watching Uggla of late, Gonzalez doesn't think the second baseman has been relaxed and having fun. So on Thursday, in the final game of the series with the Braves, Gonzalez says he wants Uggla to sit next to him and offer managerial tips.

Whoa, Danny, I wouldn't be putting last night's game on the resume if you're thinking about becoming a manager when your playing days are over.  There just isn't a very big market for managers whose team strikeouts 16 times and gets beat 8-0.

Maybe you should work on your one-liners and clichés and think about becoming a color commentator after baseball, especially if that is the best you can do as a manager.

Hopefully the day off did some good.  One of the worse things about being in a slump is that it becomes a mental tug-of-war.  The longer it goes, the more you think about it, the worse you feel. so you beat yourself up mentally, which makes it go on longer.  Then rinse and repeat until the cycle is finally broken.

Danny will come around.  I have little doubt about that.