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Renyel Pinto coming into view

Renyel Pinto is becoming one of the better relievers in the pen.  And those are words I never expected to write.

Gonzalez said he wasn't surprised how left-hander Renyel Pinto bailed the Marlins out of a big jam in the eighth inning Wednesday to help preserve Florida's 6-5 win against the Braves.

"He did that last year. He gave us some good innings in tough situations,'' Gonzalez said of Pinto, who had a 0.90 ERA in eight appearances going into Thursday.

Pinto was upset about giving up an infield single to Matt Diaz that allowed an inherited runner to score.

Upset by letting an inherited runner score?  He could be drummed out of the relievers union for feelings like that.

I can remember the day when Pinto came in and the thought would cross my mind: it's mop up duty already?  But that day has passed.  

It's good to see you Renyel.