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Walking wounded report

If you watched yesterday's game you know about Josh Johnson already, but the info on Anibal Sanchez may be new.

The Marlins are getting a look at two other injured starters this week. Right-hander Josh Johnson (elbow) threw off the bullpen mound Thursday at Dolphin Stadium. Right-hander Anibal Sanchez (shoulder) is scheduled to throw in the bullpen today.

Gonzalez said the pitchers are throwing in Miami Gardens to allow pitching coach Mark Wiley to get a firsthand look at their progress. Johnson isn't expected to return until September. Sanchez hopes to return by July.

At least the Marlins have the right guy evaluating their progress.

Honestly, I not planning on seeing either of them pitching for the Marlins this season.  And if I had to pick the one most likely to pitch for the Marlins this season, it would be Johnson.  Anibal's situation concerns me a lot.