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Scott Oslen has a changeup

Apparently the pitchers read the memos sent to them and the hitters can't be bothered with such.

Anyway, Scott Olsen has his changeup going.

Left-hander Scott Olsen has been working on his change-up for more than a year, and he has finally found it.

"I'm not afraid to throw it in any count, and I'm confident that I can locate it," said Olsen, who is 2-0 with a 3.05 ERA and three quality starts. "It wasn't always that way."


"It is easier to locate at a lower speed," Olsen said. "I don't care if it gets hit as long our guys have a chance to catch it."

I have yet to see him throw it, connection problems and all.  But if he has a good well disguised one, it should be a killer addition.