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Is something wrong with Matt Treanor?

In case you haven't noticed, Matt Treanor hasn't been spending much time behind the plate recently.

Rabelo, a switch-hitter, has started four of five games since coming off the disabled list. Catcher Matt Treanor, who started the season 1 for 9, was just heating up when Rabelo was activated. Treanor was hitting .353 (6 for 17) in the previous four games.

 I knew that when Rabelo came off the DL the club would try to give him extra starts and plate appearances to get him up to speed in the Majors.  A player can catch all he wants to in High-A but it isn't the same game.  And it takes some time to adjust to speed of the majors.  So an initial immersion was expected.  However the questions that come to mind are: is the club still getting Rabelo up to speed or is Treanor banged up and we don't know about it or is the plan to have Rabelo catch four of the five starters?

Any thoughts?

Speaking of Treanor, he fancies himself as a singing consultant.

Misty-May Treanor, the Olympic gold medalist in volleyball and wife of catcher Matt Treanor, was the guest of the Chicago Cubs for Tuesday's game with Cincinnati, and she led the Wrigley Field crowd during the seventh-inning stretch as it sang,Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

"I gave her a few tips," Treanor said. "I told her not to get ahead of herself because the organist plays slow. I told her not to screw it up because they would boo her out of the stadium. If they knew she was my wife, they would have booed her anyway."

Treanor's wife threw out a first pitch at Wrigley Field in 2004 after joining with Kerri Walsh to win the gold medal in Greece. 

Even as superficial as the Cubs fans are, I doubt they would boo Misty even if they knew she was the wife of one of the Marlins catchers.

Stand there dumbfounded and drool -- you bet.  But boo, highly unlikely, since I can't imagine them booing an Olympian.  The Phillies fans, sure, but not the Cubs fans.  Or am I giving them too much credit?