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Robert Andino outfielder?

Robert Andino started taking reps in center field.

During extra batting practice, Robert Andino took fly balls in center field. The Marlins could use the utility infielder there in an emergency.

"He played the outfield in high school," Porter said. "He has an outfielder glove. We want him to get used to the ball coming off the bat. It improves his versatility and value."

Yo Bo, I have a catcher's mitt and played catcher during my high school years.  Of course, I know I'm not up the with big club, or any club for that matter, but if just owning the equipment means that a player needs to be groomed for a position, I'm ready.

On the plus side, this could mean more playing time for Andino with the Marlins.  On the downside, it could give them an excuse to keep him on the bench when he should be seeing regular playing time somewhere.

Robert Andino will soon be 24 (April 25th, in case you want to buy him a gift) and I'm sure he doesn't mind the extra time in Majors which includes a fatter paycheck.  And Andino may prove to be an excellent center fielder but something about this seems forced to me and he needs to be playing regularly at some level, preferably in the infield.

Your opinion may differ.