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Andrew Miller here to stay

Larry Beinfest has called the ball and Andrew Miller is going to workout his growing pains in the majors.

Miller is 0-2 with a 11.37 ERA in three starts but he showed improvement Saturday.

"His stuff was great. It's just a matter of consistency and learning,'' Beinfest said. "He's still a very young pitcher without a lot of experience so I think (Saturday) was a good learning experience for him.''

Not exactly a big surprise and it is probably what almost all of us thought was going to happen.  I'm not real big on the idea of on-the-job training in the bigs but that is where it sits for now.  And if Beinfest says that is the way it is going to be, that is the way it is going to be.  Whether I agree or not.  

All I can say is this: Ricky, Burke get stretched you have a bullpen to save.