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Speaking of Photi

He probably out did himself yesterday.  I highly recommend you take a look at all the links he provides. (Uh, you can skip the one to FishStripes since you have probably seen it here.)

Lots O' Links

While all of the links are very interesting the one that caught my eye was the survey of the FSN viewers on the Marlins chances for the season.  I can't say I'm as optimistic as they are, but their opinions aren't completely ludicrous either.

Let's say that the Marlins can continue to slug their way at a 7-5 clip until Mitre returns (I have little hope for Anibal returning to form this season, if ever.) and if some of the members of rotation continue to improve enough to go deeper into the games.  

It is conceivable, though very unlikely, that the Marlins could contend.  The problem with the Marlins isn't the offense -- it's starting pitching and defense.  Should the starters come around and the defense is decent enough that the pitchers don't have to get five outs an inning, it is possible.  However, you won't see me laying down any money in hopes of it happening.  The Florida state lottery is probably a safer bet.  But it could.