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Chum Bucket

The Marlins have an off-day today after finishing their first road trip of the season at 4-2.  Which ain't too bad if you ask me.  If the Marlins can continue to win twice as many games on the road as they lose, this will be a very good season.  I'm not counting on the trend continuing but hey, it is the projected path for now.

In the meantime it is time for another Chum Bucket.  I don't really know what is going on today since I spent much of my weekend working on taxes.  Nothing like waiting till the last second.

I do know this however: the whole NL East is off and there are only a couple of West Coast games scheduled in the NL.  If you are really a glutton for punishment you can tune into ESPN later tonight and watch them gush all over the Red Sox.  Personally, I will pass since I would rather watch the Dodgers and Pirates.

But this a Chum Bucket where you discuss anything that comes to mind and it doesn't have to be about baseball.  Though baseball is the most popular topic.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun.  And as always, Have a Great Day!