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Marlins bullpen strategy

Or at least the strategy when the season opened.


Managing the bullpen is a challenge for the coaching staff. But pitching coach Mark Wiley said if the starters get five or six innings into games, a workable rotation for the bullpen can be established.

He added that it also helps to have relievers capable of working longer than one inning.

"We've been able to get somewhat of a rotation [of relievers] going, and the starters are getting into the game deep enough now," Wiley said. "Obviously, we'll need the starters to go as deep as they can into the game so we can use the bullpen most effectively.

"What we worked on in Spring Training is guys throwing two innings. If you throw one-inning guys, everybody throws every day. When you have two-inning guys, you can save guys."

 It's good to have a quality pitching coach again.

I think the starters, or at least the majority of them, will start producing longer outings and the bullpen roles can be set and maybe by the end of the month.  While the Marlins are having problems with the starters not going deep enough, most teams have this problem with a starter or two at the beginning of the season.  Unfortunately, the Marlins starting staff, as it is, wasn't really ready coming out of spring training due to injuries to some and a lack of experience from others.