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Stadium News - Sort of

Apparently joining hands and singing Kumbaya is way too much to ask when it comes to the stadium deal.

The hurdles for Miami's $3 billion megaplan -- already the subject of a legal challenge by auto magnate Norman Braman -- keep growing with two crucial developments.

No. 1: Miami's police union, unhappy with how police staffing would be handled at the proposed new Florida Marlins baseball stadium, is trying to join Braman's suit against the city and county over a development blueprint that would also build a port tunnel and museum park downtown.

No. 2: Miami city commissioners, meanwhile, appear primed to revote on the entire megaplan later this month because of the hasty way it was first approved in December. Doing so could help beat back one piece of Braman's legal challenge, contending commissioners improperly rushed their historic vote.

Under city code, any legislation approved by the city must be distributed to commissioners five days prior to a vote. That didn't happen with the megaplan.


So the city is going forward with plans for a revote, a move that could strengthen Miami's legal case -- but also force the city to publicly acknowledge rules were skirted the first time around.

The tentative revote date: April 24.

I'm not worried about the revote since the City of Miami has always supported a new stadium for the Marlins within the city limits. And assuming it passes once again, I'm not worried about the security officer squabble either, that will eventually work out.

Now someone cue Ringo Starr to sing the new stadium theme song:  And you know it don't come easy...