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Matt Treanor: running man

After just a bit of an argument with the official scorer, the Marlins were able to secure Matt Treanor's first stolen base ever.

Had Matt Treanor known for sure he was credited with his first career stolen base Monday, he might have played things a little differently.

"I might have asked for the bag," Treanor joked. "Now I've got something on [Paul Lo Duca]. He's never gotten one on me."

When Treanor bolted for second in the fourth inning, the play initially was called defensive indifference. Treanor was not being held on and Lo Duca didn't attempt a throw. The Marlins argued it should be a steal because it was a one-run game and the Nationals made no attempt to walk Alfredo Amezaga with the base open.

"When they told me to take the base, I just wanted to make sure I didn't get picked off, because the first time they went third to first," Treanor said. "The next day I was looking at the box score and I saw the stolen base. I got a phone call from my buddy back home. He called me Rickey Henderson." 

Congratulations Matt!

Now, if he starts speaking in the third person we will know the stolen base has gone to his head.