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Florida Marlins: a couple of things I didn't know

To be truly honest, there is a heck of a lot more than a couple of things I don't know about the Marlins.  But we all start where we start.

Today we have a two more pieces of the puzzle.

First off, did anyone know that Scott Olsen's nickname was "Ollie"?

The Nationals pushed across an unearned run in the second inning on a pair of errors. Nick Johnson grounded to third, but advanced to second on Cantu's throwing error, which sailed over Jacobs' head at first. Two batters later, Paul Lo Duca laced a liner to right-center. Hermida raced into position to make the catch, but the ball deflected off his glove. The misplay enabled Johnson to score.

"I have no excuse for not catching it," Hermida said. "It kind of went into the light, and I wasn't able to track it too well. But Ollie did a great job picking us back up. You tip your hat to Ollie tonight."

I know many of the Marlins nicknames but somewhere along the line, I missed this one.

Second, Mike Jacobs uses a different bat in batting practice than in the games.

In an effort to stay inside the ball better, Jacobs used Ramirez's bat during batting practice because it's an inch and a half shorter.

"I haven't been swinging the bat that good," Jacobs said.

I don't care about the .212 batting average as long as he keeps averaging a home run every other game.  Somehow I doubt he will continue either pace, but if he does, I'm willing to celebrate the low average for 81 home runs.  And all the Marlins will need to do is make sure there are runners on base when he does his thing.

It's early in the year and if everyone else can project season ending results in the first week, so can I.