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Alfredo Amezaga to start in center

Cody Ross is going to be given the day off and Alfredo will start in his place.

Alfredo Amezaga, who Monday singled as a pinch-hitter, will get the start in center field tonight against right-hander Pedro Martinez. Manager Fredi Gonzalez initially will use a left-right platoon there with Cody Ross getting the call against left-handers.

Once the Marlins determine the left knee hyperextension Ross suffered March 21 no longer is an issue, he'll likely get the majority of the playing time.

"I'm not opposed to running him out there everyday, but we'll take it easy on him and see how those legs are, his hamstrings, his knees," Gonzalez said.

Ross is known as a lefty killer, but last season he hit .306 against right-handers.

So it is as expected that once Ross is definitely at full-speed he will get most of the playing time in center.  Two good things about this: one, the Marlins are being careful with him and they should be given his injury history.  And two, once he is good to go he will be given a chance to show what he can do as everyday player.

I have the feeling that Cody will excel when given the chance to perform everyday and also, that will allow Amezaga to spend most if not all of his time as an infielder, where he is probably the best defensive middle infielder the Marlins have on the 25-man roster.

Now all Cody has to do is get healthy and stay that way.  Which has proven to be a tall order in the past.  But he is having no trouble retrieving his keys from the floor, so that is encouraging.