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Stadium News - Sort of

Never let a day go by.

We have stadium news again.

When Miami-Dade County commissioners voted Thursday to give the Florida Marlins and county administrators a three-week window to finalize negotiations for a new ballpark in Little Havana, County Manager George Burgess grinned.

Here's why: The parties have overcome two main sticking points -- agreeing on how to split revenues from a $94 million parking garage, and how to pay for $2 million a year in improvements at the proposed $525 million, retractable-roof stadium.

Best I read this, the Marlins and the county have until the end of the month to workout a deal about shared revenue from the parking garage and who pays to take care of the stadium.

Let's say they can reach an agreement, what about the City of Miami who is suppose to provide the parking garage?  Last we heard the city will be willing to build the garage but won't maintain it.  Which makes some sense, because after it is built it becomes property of the county.

Even if the Marlins and Miami-Dade can iron out their differences, there still may be some work to be done with the city.

Not to mention the fact that other parts of the "global-agreement" may face legal challenges.

"You know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding away"