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Stadium News - Sort of

Some of this is new and some isn't, but here it is:

I will let Fish@Bat cover the parking situation.

It's All About the Parking

As you know, I really don't have a problem with the parking on the locals lawns -- in fact I think it could be charming.  However, I do agree that it isn't 21st century thinking.

But that isn't the only problem with the deal getting done.

District 10 County Commissioner Javier Souto, one of four county commissioners who voted against the global agreement, supports Braman's sentiments and also believes that the massive public works project should be decided by voter referendum.


As chair of the Recreation and Cultural Affairs Committee, which is charged with reviewing the part of the proposal concerned with $550 million Museum Park, Souto can block the plan from moving forward to a County Commission vote. And he vows to do exactly that if County Manager Burgess doesn't answer his many questions.

And then there is this:

Now Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines are joining forces to fight the $1 billion tunnel -- the most expensive item in the mega-deal. "Does anyone have confidence that we can accomplish this incredible engineering feat despite our history with major construction?" Terry Dale, president of Cruise Lines International Association, wrote in a letter to the editor published in the Miami Herald Monday. "It strains credibility to suggest that there will be no safety or cost problems."

Remember that all of the projects are coupled together in the proposal, so if one faces enough resistance that kills it, they all will fail to pass.

Seeing how some of the detractors on the commission are publicly stating they are willing to block the deal and that will guarantee a delay in the construction of the stadium, even if everyone else is onboard.  And they aren't. If that should happen, the county and the city could propose the projects independently to see which ones will fly thus causing a further delay.

What is that saying?  It is always darkest before the dawn -- or something like that.

Unfortunately, the Marlins have a time problem.