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Marlins Fantasy Draft

If you are looking to draft some Marlins players on your fantasy team, the club has some recommendations.

Many fantasy fans prefer to stock their rosters full of players from their favorite team, as opposed to players who make a living playing for a feared rival. Wouldn't you rather go through the season checking Hanley Ramirez's stats every night, instead of a player from another National League East team?
If competing for a title feels empty without having a bunch of Marlins on your team, here are 10 guys to focus on come draft day:

Marlins Top 10 fantasy picks.

Back, what seems like an eternity ago when I played fantasy baseball, this was true for me.  I never had a team without Beckett, Penny and Lowell.  Naturally the only time I won my league was in 2003, but that is beside the point.

Read the list, decide for yourself, but at least one person they left-off who may be worth taking a flyer on is Andrew Miller or possibly Cody.