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Two Tales from the Caravan

The first one is from Jupiter.

Fan expectations might not be that high for the Florida Marlins this year, but the love is.

Scores of Marlins fans lined up at JJ Muggs Stadium Grille on Tuesday afternoon to welcome a half dozen players, broadcasters and team mascots, the Mermaids, who are making the rounds in South Florida to promote the upcoming season.

The other comes from West Palm Beach and our very own Jim B.

Had a fun time at Roxy's.  Hermida, Rabelo, Miller, Owens, Kensing, Johnson, and Sanchez were there. Probably no more than 20 fans, so we really got to talk to and meet the players.

So given the report from report from Jupiter, as compared to the one from West Palm Beach, it sounds like there were a lot more fans in attendance in Jupiter.

And maybe that was true.  But if memory serves me well, and in this case it does, a score equals 20.  So scores of fans could be anything from 40 to use your imagination.

But let's say the author reporting about the Jupiter attendance isn't exaggerating, it is interesting that the further north one goes up the coast from Miami, the greater the interest in the Marlins.  Which was the case with the google searches - sort of.  Of course, the communities which did the most google searches were fairly close to the stadium, which makes this all the more interesting, because West Palm Beach is closer to the stadium than Jupiter.

Then again, maybe there is a spring training factor in this equation -- Who knows?