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Puerto Rico once again

And the story that just won't go away.

Marlins President David Samson confirmed the team remains open to moving a July 28-30 series against the Mets from Dolphin Stadium to San Juan.

The Marlins hope to know one way or the other by Saturday, when individual game tickets go on sale at FanFest.

Owner Jeffrey Loria sits on baseball's international committee and is a proponent of scheduling games overseas.

"If you look back at our history, we've played a different number of home games almost every year," Samson said.

When he says "our history" is he talking the Marlins history or his and Loria's history at the helm of a MLB team?

That doesn't really matter, I guess.  It is true the Marlins have played a varied number of home games before but most of those came as a result of hurricanes.  Remember the home series in Comiskey Park in 2004?

The Marlins did play three games in Puerto Rico in both the 2003 and the 2004 seasons, but all of those were home games for the Expos and not the Marlins.

Losing three home games to play in Puerto Rico, will be a first for the organization.

But should it happen, you can be reassured.

"We would never do anything to deprive our fans, but we're a part of major league baseball. ...

"We do have a say, but it's very hard to promote international play and then look at the other owners and say, 'but not us.'"

Well, if we are all in this together, then why isn't it being considered for the Mets to give up the home dates?  The Mets are one of the biggest draws in South Florida, whereas the Marlins have to be one of the worse in New York.  So it would make sense for them to give up the dates.

Yes, I know why it would never happen that way, but if we are all sacrificing -- when is it the Mets turn?